You know the most important 5 advantages of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro wonderful

تعرف على أهم 5 مزايا لهاتف هواوي Mate 20 Pro الرائع

Got phone Mate 20 Pro a lot of attention from the company Huawei during its promotion, but after the launch the phone officially show that the company has every right to poverty in its new phone, which is provided through its many techniques and innovations for the first time in the world of smart phones, to make all the competitors a difficult challenge to get to her phone in many ways.

Therefore, to the extent that we can you the most important 5 advantages provided by Huawei in the phone:

  • The camera

Cameras have become an essential element of the majority of users and popularity of smart phones, which is what took Huawei it upon themselves to develop the best cameras and technologies in collaboration with Leica, the German, to the hands of the audience camera has huge potential thanks to the presence of three lenses.

Developed Huawei the mandate of a camera in the back with three lenses, so that contain a lens accurately 40 megapixels and shutter of f/1.8, the lens other wide wide very accurately 20 megapixels girl shutter f/2.2, as well as the lens focus accurately 8 mega pixel camera with aperture shutter f/2.4 and the concentration of 3X, with these three lenses the user will be able to capture a photo microSD up to 2.5 cm, and allows the imaging characteristics of the film with the techniques to isolate the colors have great potential thanks to artificial intelligence techniques provided by the camera and the phone processor to get processed very quickly.

And phone with the camera feature of HiVision, which works to identify the images that are captured and user data thanks to the artificial intelligence techniques.

  • Phone chip (processor)

Everyone was waiting for the Huawei phones on pins and needles not because of the phones themselves, but because of the powerful processor chip Kirin 980 announced by the company in advance the possibilities go beyond other products on the market the time of its launch, so that the chip is the first in this area of the report 7 nm, it is also the first that contains units addressing the nerve to raise the efficiency of the processor to accelerate performance by using artificial intelligence techniques, and has the processor on graphics processor Mali-G76 in addition to the central processor based on the Cortex-A76.

Enjoying the chip the ability to transfer data with great speed thanks to the season building on the technique of Cat.21 and its speed to 1.4 GB.

And can phone Mate 20 Pro processing 4,500 images per minute, and offers greater speed by about 20% than the previous generation phones, and the efficiency in energy saving by 40% thanks to the chips and processor inside it.

  • The battery and

Battery think of the most important things that a user searches when buying a new phone, especially if he spends most of his time on the phone and need the continuity of the larger, which is what we got in the phone Mate 20 Pro who brought a battery capacity of 4,200 mAh, this battery has brought with it also the fast charging technology is very SuperCharge and vigorously 40 and which allow to charge the battery up to 70% in 30 minutes, as the phone brought another advantage to the company to provide wireless charging technology rapid strongly 15-watt, which allows the battery charging massive up to 30% during 30 minutes.

Despite those advantages of the former in the battery and, however, Huawei made a different feature for the first time in the world of smart phones by adding the feature of shipping the opposite, so that the phone will get within the technique of Qi fast charging which will charge the other phone wirelessly, so that the user can put his other phone that supports wireless charging on the back of the Mate 20 Pro and charge wirelessly as well as the charge on the rules of other shipping.

  • The screen

The phone features a value of 6.39 inches of type AMOLED high efficiency and accurately 1440×3120 pixels, this screen is clearer compared with the other company, and what makes it even more special is to contain protection techniques new to the presence of fingerprint sensor inside.

  • Protection

As we mentioned, the Huawei made its debut in the phones sensor technology compact footprint with the screen in the phone Mate 20 Pro, but this feature is not only worth mentioning when we talk about protection of the phone and its capabilities, as it features a camera and a triple for 3D Face Unlock to provide greater protection which in turn works on the emoji developed by the company known as Qemoji, where the holographic camera scans objects in front of the camera and convert them to codes.


When you talk about one of the best and most important phones that appeared in 2018, the words long detailing every feature separately, so we tried to summarize the most important advantages of the phone in the previous points, which are added to the advantages of a sophisticated sensor to measure the pulse and applications of fitness and measure the calories, next to the superior ability to share files with other devices.

The know on the most important 5 advantages of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro great appeared first on the tech world.

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