You know the main advantages of the updated operating system Mac Catalina “macOS Catalina”

Began to update the operating system of the Apple Mac edition of the Catalina “macOS Catalina” or 10.15 access to users yesterday, with the advantages of a whole new.

تعرف على أبرز مزايا تحديث نظام تشغيل ماك كاتالينا "macOS Catalina" من آبل

When Apple announced the updated Mac OS in July, launched a new version of the name Catalina, similar to the system of the Mojave coast, to be the famous version 10.15 of the system. But that wasn’t the most important thing launch, and at that time Apple announced a new features and changes emerge for the first time on the system infrastructure which is available to users for about two decades.

This has been the most notable update is the separation of application services iTunes to the three applications; the music application, the podcast, and application of services visual content. Which means that users will have to use separate apps for the first time since the launch of the first version of the system in 2001.

Such a step might be useful from Apple as long as available in their services, but at the same time, probably won’t get the satisfaction of all users.

On the whole, there are many changes coming with the Mac Catalina concentrated mainly for the following:

  • Separate application iTunes to three applications; Apple Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV.
  • The availability of new games for the arcade – Arcade.
  • Sync the device with the iPhone and iPad have been transferred to the research department – Finder.
  • Submission of Project Catalyst; the system allows to provide the advantages of iPad on Mac.
  • The advantage of air that allows the use of the screen of the iPad as a secondary display on Mac devices whether wired or wirelessly.
  • Support Air Force smart means taking advantage of the advantages of the pen when you connect the iPad with the Mac.
  • Feature Screen Time that will require that you get permissions to access the desktop, my documents, iCloud, and others.
  • Feature Activation Lock that prevents anyone from accessing the device in case the on-chip T2, only by the Apple ID. Thus no one will be able to access the data in the event of waste of the device.

And, of course, can download update system Mac Catalina “macOS Catalina” or 10.15 with ease, where it is now available to everyone and free.

Can get the update by clicking on the iPhone Apple TV in the left or right of the top of the screen depending on the language used.



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