You know the main advantages of the phones iPhone coming from Apple this year


The world is waiting for Apple to launch three phones new EVO this year, especially after the success the company achieved last year will be on the smartphone market, according to a new report from the site “MacRumors“, he predicted the analysts of “Barclays Bank” investment illusion “Andrew Gardiner”,”hirale Patel”, and the”Joseph wolf” and”Blaine Curtis,” and the specifications of phones iPhone coming from Apple during the autumn of 2018 which.

Phones EVO 2018

Analysts in the search warrant that obtained by MacRumors reports that based on available data and meetings with suppliers, Apple will add a sensor TrueDepth 3D within the group of phones iPhone, which will launch in 2018, these devices are part of the face ID that contribute to unlock the phone through facial features.


Reports indicate that the second generation of the TrueDepth 3D will have a smaller incision on the phones the next EVO, and will not be identical to what came inside the EVO X.

Specifications EVO next

Claim analysts that Apple will launch three phones EVO designed similar to the version X, but with different specifications, sizes and variety, as to three will full screen from edge to edge, and it is expected to be the annexation of the sensor fingerprint in the back.

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