You know the leading 7 advantages of the system running the macOS Catalina new

Apple has released earlier this week operating system macOS Catalina new, which is offered through a range of features and changes new to users of computers Mac, including access of service games Apple Arcade with over 100 games, and air that bring the ability to use the iPad as an external display computers Mac, in addition to the feature Screen Time and the application of Find My new and much more. Read here for some of the best features of the Mac.

The most important new features of the operating system macOS Catalina

Chapter some applications and make them independent, including music and TV وPodcasts – after stopping for many years to accommodate more types of content, were divided iTunes finally. Features macOS Catalina implement separate agreements for music, television, podcasts, supports Finder now manage your iOS device, so you’ll find your iPhone or iPad related to within the “sites” in the sidebar to the Finder.

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Atlantis – feature striking new macOS Catalina, which allows you the option of using the iPad as an external display with Mac. This works wired or wireless as and allows users to copy their screen and use a pen Apple iPad to become a tablet to draw clever with your Mac.

macOS Catalina

Apple Arcade – Gaming Service the new Apple TV was launched first on iOS 13 وiPadOS 13 for iPhone and iPad, and macOS Catalina now to get more than 100 game Apple Arcade to computers Mac. Also, users can now pair the controllers wireless Xbox أوPS4 DualShock.

تحديث macOS Catalina

Screen Screen – got this feature finally computers Mac, which displays its users iOS well, so as to prevent the users of the data weekly TIME use elapsed on the situation.

Find My – brings application to Find My new Find My Friends وFind My iPhone. It also provides new functionality to help find devices even if not connected to the internet.

تحديث macOS Catalina

Updated apps – updated and improved various applications, including voice, reminders, notes, mail, browser Safari. There are also security improvements such as the Gatekeeper enhanced وActivation Lock that comes to all Macs using the slice T2.

Access – control allows the audio new for the users to navigate throughout their system by the control device, and to perform all operations on the bus.

Compatible devices with the system

macOS Catalina available for most Macs from 2012 and beyond. Head to the Mac App Store or System Preferences> software update, to see if the update ready for your device. The update comes with size 8.09 GB.

The full list for Mac compatible:

  • 12-inch MacBook
  • MacBook Air, 2012, what the latest
  • MacBook Pro, from 2012 what the latest
  • Mac mini, from 2012 what the latest
  • iMac, from 2012 what the latest
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro, 2013 What latest

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