You know the group of ZenFone 5 from ASUS

This subject known on the set of ZenFone 5 from ASUS appeared on Engadget.

Launched the ASUS the new generation of phones ZenFone is ZenFone 5 and zenfone 5Q zenfone 5 Lite in selected markets in addition to the phone’s flagship ZenFone 5Z.

Design and

Asus ZenFone 5

Phones ZenFone new come a very long conversation very fine copy and a screen body of the device is high and I think my phone is ZenFone 5 and zenfone 5Z on the new design with the hole in the top that contains the camera, sensors and earpiece with the screen from edge to edge almost.

The back of my phone is ZenFone 5 and zenfone 5Z comes with metal design possible from ASUS with a scanner for fingerprint, the phone ZenFone 5Q he doesn’t feature a textured back distinctive glossy but that it is also made of glass.

Asus-ZenFone 5

My phone is ZenFone 5 and zenfone 5Z supports two IPS for 6.2 inch coordinates 19:9 strictly FHD+ use 1080x2280p to provide a clearer picture, the phone ZenFone 5Q is a slightly smaller IPS screen size of 6 inches by coordinates 18:9 accurately FHD+ use 1080x2160p.

Has added the ASUS filter the blue light range ZenFone 5 to reduce eye strain, which is better to use it after sunset. Also there is the feature of Auto Color Temperature Control which automatically scans the colors of your screen depending on the atmosphere ambiance in your current settings. This feature currently exist in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X iPad Pro only.

The device camera


Phone ZenFone 5 comes with higher-than-average, which is powered by a Qualcomm eight-core Snapdragon 636 is capable of providing speed of 1.8 GHz. The phone has a internal memory of 64 GB, memory random 4 or 6 Gb.

Phone ZenFone 5Z comes with a processor Snapdragon 845 with 3 different settings to either Internal Memory 64 GB 4GB RAM or Internal Memory 128 GB memory, random 6 GB or Internal Memory 256 GB memory random 8 GB.

The phone ZenFone 5Q expected it comes with a processor Snapdragon 630 powered memory random 4 GB of internal memory to 64 GB.

Phone ZenFone 5 comes with a camera background of the double sensor main 12-megapixel-sized pixels, 1.4 µm Aperture Lens, f/1.5, and to show ASUS that this camera works well in the dark. There is a rear camera secondary 8-megapixel wide-angle at 120 degrees, as well as Camera 8 megapixel front. Comes phone ZenFone 5Z the same camera settings.

Phone ZenFone 5Q comes back with a double sensor with 16 megapixel and a front camera Double by sensor 20-megapixel camera, and all settings come camera normal camera wide-angle.

Artificial intelligence

Come set ZenFone 5 with a number of advantages of the mechanism that describes the company, it is backed by artificial intelligence, for example Auto mode the camera will select the best prepare for many of the 16 preset your current needs and your circumstances. But there are 3 settings for the viewer custom texts, QR codes and a Tripod; there are two settings for pets (dogs and cats) only.

There is a feature AI Photo will be learning how to preference your image editing will apply the settings you see that you will prefer in the future. All three phones are able to capture a photo Portrait with a blurred background, which is associated with artificial intelligence too.

There is also a feature of the AI Boost which will improve the performance of the device a bit, in addition for charging smart artificial intelligence that will change whether you want to charge the phone quickly at the moment or if you’re just gonna leave in charging all night, to modify the charging current, so keep the battery intact with time.

Photo and phone

My phone is ZenFone 5 and zenfone 5Z come speakers stereos, speakers and five magnet units amp dedicated for each speaker. It is rumored that the phone will be louder with a range of sounds of low frequency is wider by about 14% and lower by 12% in the low range.

The company has announced that it will retain the one software ZenUI over Android operating system, and show that the latest version of the interface ZenUI 5 is the most simple ever. There will be no application of double, there will be no third-party apps from the start but apps Facebook, Instagram or.

There is a feature portrayals called ZenMoji, which works similar to a fee Animoji expressive; but they allow you to use it with third party apps or post them in the live video.

And there will come a phones ZenFone 5, new ASUS feature open the phone to recognize the face.

Price and availability

Will be launched range ZenFone 5 is coming soon; but not knowing the price of my phone is ZenFone 5 and zenfone 5Q after only that the price of the phone ZenFone 5Z will start at $ 499.


This subject known on the set of ZenFone 5 from ASUS appeared on Engadget.

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