You know the biggest failures in the world of phones to 2018

As the world of smartphones and technology, and features a strong through 2018, it turned out some promises to the failures after the failure of the large companies in meeting the expectations of the masses, which is what we aim to highlight them in this article.

“The best nurses in the world of phones to 2018

Phone red hydrogel Wen

When reports spoke long on the phone red competent in the manufacture of film cameras to the system unit, we stopped to Phone focus on improving the camera experience with the units can be added by the user.

But after extended postponements, a telephone link to Reid last November with a camera modest is not the development of the company, without the support to add the units after a, in addition to the processor Snapdragon 835 which was for 2017 flagship, Android 8.1, which is an old version after the arrival of Android of 9, priced at $ 1,300 (5150 SR).

It was all what distinguishes the phone is the support of the three-dimensional display of the content on the screen of 5.7 inch, but it is definitely not worth the money the banks have, therefore, developed phone red in many of the reviews the title of the worst in 2018.

Phone Palm

When we heard about the return of the Palm phone market, we were skeptical of the idea of a small phone business, but it turns out that the company I meant the phone’s screen is 3.3 inch and the price is 350$ (1310 sr) to be a companion to your phone, making the need to almost non-existent with that price, especially since the reviews found that short battery life does not hold as much as hold regular phones.

Gestures Android 9

System gestures Android 9 raw phones the Google Pixel is not quality compared to the iPhone for several reasons, most notably to keep the two buttons of the navigation buttons in the interface to support both clicking and dragging, which criticizes the idea of gestures seeking to get rid of the virtual buttons on the screen, what was the catalyst for many of the manufacturers of Android devices to customize the system of gestures, particularly their device.

“Assessment of the navigation gestures within the interface of the phones

Samsung phones available

I didn’t offer Samsung phones available competitive advantage through 2018, even Galaxy A9 which came with four cameras was presenting the experience of the poor rate for the class price, which reached out and put her in the suitable phones the leader of the OnePlus share for.

“A deep look at the bleeding Samsung in the market of phones available

Charger for iPhone slow

Apple can get away with it for one reason: iPhone work efficiently for a very long time compared to competitors. But what disappointed a lot of customers is that the company did not reject the iPhone XS that cost more than$ 1000 and sun supports fast charging, but the charger normal capacity 5 watts it takes 3 hours or more to charge the phones.

I know of

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