You know the best compact cameras for 2018

This topic you know the best compact cameras for 2018 appeared on Engadget.

If you are looking for the best compact cameras for 2018, we will be with you the best options to save time when it comes to buying a camera from a local store or online, has been to divide compact cameras into sub-categories.


The best compact cameras for multiple purposes

Camera Panasonic Lumix TZ90 / SZ70


Lumix TZ90 known as SZ70 in the United States considered the best ever in compact cameras Panasonic. Owns lens e built-in background, which allows to see the image directly when the rays of the sun by making the rear screen hard to see.

The main feature of the camera is the lens optical zoom 30x, which include a wide angle equivalent to 24 mm custom shots that contain large groups or they can zoom to the equivalent of 720 mm to make distant objects appear large in the frame.

In addition to the autofocus feature is wonderful, install the excellent image, LCD screen dedicated to selfies, and the only downside is the image quality in low light.

The best Compact Camera of small size (suitable for Pocket)

When it comes to camera pocket compact and small, we find that the image quality will be higher quality small traditional study of simple, there are different models to choose from, where the distinction of these cameras to a lens zoom shorter in order to maintain the extent clarified the picture, also offering features visually more advanced such as opening the Lens Wide to capture images even in low-light or create effects, and in the concentration of the background.

Camera Canon PowerShot G7 X II


The cost that Germany is 679 USD on the Amazon site, is considered the main feature to sell that camera is the sensor built-in which is much larger than the sensors of traditional, is called the sensor 1 inch, this means that larger than the sensor in ordinary the number of pixels, which can use the light to better assess the quality of the picture-perfect photos more pronounced.

Camera Panasonic Lumix LX15 / LX10


Cost that camera around 647.99 $ on the Amazon site, and one of the cameras leading the disadvantage only is the price tag associated, is considered a strong rival of the camera former Canon G7 X Mark II also, come camera LX15 best lens in its class: with a mass 24-72 mm opening equivalent f/1.4-2.8, which will allow the potential of innovative development, it will greatly help the wide Aperture mode wide angle in low light conditions.

There is also a loop to check the aperture, to simplify the camera controls, as the added touch screen, and autofocus and a range of leading features, including video shooting in 4K.

Best compact cameras with high magnification without plugs

Camera Panasonic Lumix TZ100 / ZS100


The cost of this camera is about 647.99 $ on the Amazon site, this kind of pocket cameras portable combines the large sensor 1 inch, but with the intensification of the lens of the optical zoom to 10x with how open the lens is limited more.

Now while all of those features doesn’t mean it’s the camera can shoot everything, and if you seek to the highest quality and the extent of the zoom is decent, this is the right camera.

Best compact cameras advanced

Camera Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V


The cost of this camera is around $ 1000 on Amazon, and is considered the fifth generation of the series, Sony RX100, so they are more powerful in the same size, which is small size enough to be convenient for the pocket, yet possesses the structure of foreign excellent, high quality, compact lens electronic and equipped with many features, in addition to the great picture quality and export 4K video sensor 1 inch.

Camera Panasonic Lumix LX100


The cost of this camera is about 580 $ on the Amazon site, the first built-in camera contains the sensor Micro Four Thirds large size, for exceptional picture quality, providing quality similar cameras Mirrorless.

The camera is equipped with autofocus that would rival the full range of cameras competitors compact, it is equipped with the lens fast compared to 24-75 mm Aperture f/1.7-2.8, in addition to the lens e, As it’s with a camera for the same angle of inclination and touch screens.

Camera Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III


Rate of about 1596$, is considered in the same size Camera Panasonic, but has been provided with sensor APS-C to provide the utmost in image quality.

However, the disadvantage of the camera is the only lens that for its 24-72 mm and by f/2.8-5.6 is where you kiss over the aperture, so you’ll have to capture images in extreme light when you use a little zoom. In addition to having the advantage of autofocus and decent.

Best compact cameras with high magnification

When compact cameras normal not enough and want to enlarge distant objects to make them look great in the frame, the cameras Super zoom superzoom is the optimal solution, these cameras may not necessarily replace the DSLR cameras in terms of capacity and image quality, but uses the sensors of small size, the lens has a special built-and prices much more reasonable compared to camera backup.

Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ330


Can buy this camera on Amazon for $ 600, owns the Camera Lens Wide-Angle 24 mm and can be up to the equivalent of 600 mm, while maintaining the maximum Aperture acnes f/2.8, that Aperture means the entry of more light to the camera which are ideal to pick up objects and rapid movement and avoid the effects of unwanted resulting from the sensitivity of the sensor to light ISO.

Best compact cameras with zoom ultra leading

If you want to add image quality to the zoom capability, high-tech, you will need to pay extra money for models with sensors larger.

Camera Sony RX10 III


Can buy this camera from Amazon for about 1,498 USD, and owns lens for 24-600 mm girl f/2.8-4.0, it is also equipped with sensor 1 inch, which provides an amazing level of flexibility.

Best video camera compact

Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ2000


Can buy this camera from Amazon for about $ 1,200, and is considered the camera FZ2000 leading special possesses capabilities in the filming of 4K video capture and an abundance of features pioneered, which will be suitable for the makers of the video on both.

Enjoy your camera image quality improved thanks to the sensor, 1 inch lens an internal focus, which means that the light does not move effectively across the range of its equivalent which ranges from 24-480 mm.

Best compact cameras with fixed lenses.

When the money isn’t a barrier, the quality is everything, there are cameras apply those specifications, have sensor sizes similar to mount DSLR, usually be fitted with a Fixed Lens (i.e. no zoom) so as to obtain the best possible picture quality.

Camera Fujifilm X100F


Camera X100F would not be suitable for a large group of users due to the lack of zoom because of the design of the old which is its own thing, slots lenses clear make soft images, but what makes this camera unique is the presence of the optical lens, electronic hybrid, also come with manual focus more accurate.

The lens fixed to the scale of 23 mm opening f/2.0 which makes picture quality very sharp, thanks to the design of the Fujifilm group the colors, and there is no filter low-pass to bypass the distribution of light to large.

Camera Fujifilm X70


Can buy this camera from Amazon for about $ 699, equipped with a Fixed Lens compared to the 28 mm Aperture f/2.8, but with a wider angle.

This camera does not contain the lens viewfinder, instead they have touch-screen controls and can be turned 180 degrees if you want to capture Silva.

What is worth buying that camera is the lens and the group of the sensors, as they possess wide-angle, in addition, the accuracy of 16.3 megapixels.

Best compact cameras with full frame

Camera Leica Q


Can buy this camera from Amazon for about 4,250 dollars, and is considered camera highly distinctive, possessing a characteristic lens compared to the 28 mm and 28f/1.7, it’s not available to everyone at this price exorbitant, but its sensor with the full frame, which is the same size found in DSLR cameras, coupled with the lens is very sharp and there is no optical zoom, but there are in-camera modes photo cut 35/50 mm to help.

Built camera lens of the electronic 3.86 m-dot LCOS high resolution and exquisite, in addition to press the automatic image with surprising speed, and control the camera via the touch screen.


This topic you know the best compact cameras for 2018 appeared on Engadget.

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