You know on the study of the General Motors new electric.. subject to bending and 64 kilometers in each shipment

Revealed the company “General Motors” of the American automaker General Motors for its latest products, namely the study of the “way” Ariv Electric, which developed by the company with the assistance of the engineers worked on the project to develop the car “Chevrolet Bolt” electric Chevrolet Bolt EV.

And can charge the study “are” electrical in 3.5 hours, for a distance of 64 kilometres in once charging per hour, thanks to its design possible.

Made a “GM” study “the way” in style, they are the “way of birth” Ariv Meld style removable bending “way merge” Ariv Merge, you will have the bike for sale first in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, which is the electric bikes which are very popular.

Provided study “are” electrical USB port and part to install the smartphone, along with lights type “LED” LED, will be price ranges to study the “way” of General Motors from 2,750 to 3,400 euros (from 55 thousand to 68 thousand Egyptian pounds approximately),

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