You know on the release date to hear Apple’s smart HomePod and the price of its

Select Apple Apple the ninth of February the next date for the expulsion hearing their “smart home” HomePod in the markets, also announced the start receiving pre-orders on 26 January.

With the issuance of the headphones of the Apple smartphone “good” HomePod be this is the first time that the assistant to the Apple smartphone “Siri” Siri in a speaker independent, not suggested for years on Apple phones, and after a short period of access to television via the device “Apple TV” Apple TV.

The Apple has decided to postpone the issue to hear their “smart home” HomePod last December due to complete its work developed, where it declared the need for more time before it becomes a product ready to receive customers.

Revealed Apple to hear about their “smart home” HomePod for the first time in last June, but after the announcement of the date put forward by the official Pat price is unknown for sure, you’ll up the price to 349 dollars (6200 pounds approx).

“Apple” defer the issue to hear their smart HomePod

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