You know on the Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 new

Snapdragon 710

The company Qualcomm announced the latest of its products which is the Snapdragon processor 710 is a processor distinct very as it supports AI techniques of Artificial Intelligence, the company Shao with the new processor in the phone it expected the new Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, which was announced several days ago.

The latest artificial intelligence techniques

The new processor outperforms a processor company at least a Snapdragon processor 660 for approximately 50% both at the level of improving the quality of the captured images or videos or even improve the sound level in the phone that needs it, as it will help the camera to capture images in low light better.

Improvements performance and battery

Snapdragon processor 710 will improve the performance better too much of the former no doubt, will be the speed of opening apps faster than the previous 15%, but not only performance but will learn it to the battery as well, will help the Processor to extend the battery life of the phone dramatically by 40 % from the previous special with the consumption of games and heavy applications.

The wizard will also help to improve the fast charging feature, the phones that support the rapid charging of the fourth edition will be able to charge 50 of the battery power in just 15 minutes a period of time is extremely small.

Support the quality of the screen

The new processor will support display video in 4K HDR in an unprecedented event for this category, and there is no processor other than processors 800 class that can do this, it will offer this feature the brightness of a very good company for the previous in addition to the degree color. all very close to what we saw in the HTC phone U12 Plus.

Improve internet speed

Snapdragon processor 710 will make the internet speed faster than the previous lot, which supports 15 LTE which can make the download speed Internet of up to 800 Mbytes per second, in addition to the technical MIMO4x4 MIMO, which works to improve the quality of analysis when weak network in the region you are in, has also been developed and improved Connection Wizard Wi-Fi is a great addition to the improved Bluetooth and use the fifth edition of

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