You know on the phones most version of radiation.. iPhone, including


Phones have become an integral part of the lives of anyone, they are in the hands of users all the time or even next to them during sleep or ride a transport or eating, but the biggest problem that is overlooked by many is the amount of damage caused by these smart phones, where they revealed many studies about the dangerous effects of radiation and cell phones.

The monitoring site statista American specialist in the market research group from data which he obtained from the Office Federal German radiation protection, which owns in turn a comprehensive database of smart phones – new and old – and the level of radiation that is emitted from each of them, according to these data, the current smartphone that offers the highest amount of radiation is a phone “oneplus 5T”, as the menu boasts a large selection of Huawei phones, in addition to phones iPhone from Apple, here’s a list of 15 smartphone they call the largest amount of radiation : as follows:

– Top phones in terms of radiation:

– Oneplus 5T .. comes in first place at a rate of 1.68

– Huawei dead 9 .. issued radiation 1.64.

– The Nokia Lumia 630 .. believe radiation 1.51.

– Huawei P9 plus I believe radiation 1.48

-Huawei GX8 I believe radiation is 1.44.

-Huawei P9 I believe radiation is 1.43.

– Huawei Nova plus I believe radiation is 1.41.

-Phone OnePlus 5 .. certified radiation 1.39

– Huawei P9 lite I believe radiation is 1.38.

– EVO 7 I believe radiation is 1.38.

– Phone Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact.. believe radiation is 1.36.

– EVO 8 .. certified radiation 1.32

-Phone ZTE Axon 7 mini I believe radiation is 1.29.

– BlackBerry phone DTEK60 I believe radiation is 1.28.

– Phone iPhone 7 plus.. believe radiation 1.24

أعلى الهواتف إطلاقا للإشعاعاتThe top phones at all to radiation

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