You know on the new Samsung phone rollaway – Galaxy Fold !

After years of predictions and leaks, news and the emergence of non-formal last November during the conference Samsung for developers, revealed the Korean company is finally on her phone of the Samsung Galaxy rollaway Samsung Galaxy Fold, amid the dazzle attendees at the event Samsung dazzle up behind the screens.

Exterior design and

Samsung was able to succeed in the industry standard telephone combines hardware specifications of the tablet to the big screen and phone itself small sizes suitable for the pocket.

The Galaxy Fold features an external screen measuring 4.6 inches only strictly 1960 x 840 pixel ratio of the length to width of 21:9 which makes the size of the device is small and very suitable for one-handed use.

When open the device is relatively thick, it will deny you the curtain on the screen 7.3 inch by the length to width of 3:4.2 and accurately 2152×1536 can be folded open like a book.

Samsung has made this is through the development of polymer New allows for the internal to be higher by 50% than any screen we’ve seen so far, to share in their raw form is not just a panel screen that bends in the middle, it is the folding screen really!

Moving to the body of the phone’s exterior, has been to create a design articulated a special phone to thousands of folds without breaking or malfunction with extensive use, which is a beautiful piece of technology, consisting of a number of gears hidden inside the body of the device.

The other side of the body of the phone exterior features sensor fingerprints of the ordinary, not in the screen like the Galaxy S10, and the launch of the Galaxy Fold in four different colors are silver, black, green, and blue, that will give Samsung the option to customize the combination of colors chosen by users with a color from the basic colors of the phone.

The camera

Enjoy your Samsung Galaxy Fold a total of 6 cameras as a whole, where it protects the device three cameras, the background consists of a standard camera 12-megapixel with aperture telephoto lens (F1.5 – F2.4), the camera is close to 12-megapixel with optical zoom 2x and F2.4, the lens wide 16 mega pixel angle of greater vision.

In the inner screen there is a dual camera with a resolution of 10 megapixel with aperture of F2.2 and the second to determine the depth of the image, and when the folding device there is one camera in the small screen accurately 10 megapixel with aperture of F2.2 also.

This brings the total cameras in the galaxy of the flood to 6 indoor and outdoor cameras and the background, as if Samsung wanted to impress the world to the best of her.

The user interface

Features Galaxy Fold one specifically designed to not resemble any other interface on any device Galaxy another with a range of features to suit the phone folding.

The most important of these features is the possibility to split the big screen into three sections, where you can run up to three apps at one time, the main applications on the entire screen and a maximum in the small windows on the right side, such as feature Slideover from the iPad .

The second feature is the continuity of the application, which allow to apply the key on the screen of the interior to continue work on the inner screen from where you left off.

For example, you can search for a location on Google Maps with the folds of the phone, then open it to the picture in a bigger size, once you open the phone you can get maps at the place you stopped at on a small screen.

Technical specifications of

For the specifications of the interior of the device, it is equipped Samsung Galaxy Fold in the sense advanced by 7 nm supported RAM 12 GB RAM, and internal storage of 512 GB.

Well there are two batteries inside the body of the device, but Samsung has confirmed that the operating system of your phone by folding sight as if they were one battery with a capacity of 4380 Milli-amp!

You enjoy your Samsung foldable with wireless PowerShare which allows for Dual Charging Quick any other device while charging the Galaxy Fuld .


Will be the Samsung Galaxy Fold available for purchase beginning from the 26th of April next, and certainly don’t expect to get all these features in the upper versus the price of a traditional the price of the Galaxy Fold is 1980 dollars only!

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