You know on the major trends of the users on Instagram where they 2018

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Stand 2019 on the doors waiting the end of the year 2018 which saw many exciting things in the world of tech including what regards the application of Instagram where they continued to expand and social impact on the hundreds of millions of users daily, which contributed to the spread of new trends among different societies.

Has published Instagram where they report on the most important trends that interact with users through 2018, the company says that spreading love and kindness was the most important for users is what makes the app environment happy, as the “poster heart beating to the right of the area” is more the poster was used on the feature story, “story”, while filter two eyes on the heart shape over the filters used on the story also. While the filter is used the heart in the comments more than 14 million times.

And speaking of the happiest place in the world for users of Instagram where they, the amusement park Tokyo Disney is the concessionaire.

The company said that the community of ASMR is still enormously popular throughout the year, as the community witnessed a significant rise post clips slicer video and crackle of the bubbles and the use of cosmetics and other things that work to relieve the listener according to the theory.

As for the other things, it has been the reputation of the #Fortnite is the most popular on the organization during the year, and was thinking about the pop band the Korean BTS is the most in the council, while the tyranny of the challenge Kiki the reputation #inmyfeelingschallenge on the biggest challenges of number for the year.

On the same road, was the author of a large patch in the area of support for specific issues, so that they saw and heard #metoo about 1.5 million interaction, the reputation #timesup nearly 597 thousand details, while the reputation #marchforourlives about 562 thousand details, which confirms the strength of the product in the effect on the general issues.

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