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I’m pretty sure that most of you have noticed the signal such as the signal “lightning” in front of the search results in Google or other browsers especially when you perform a search on your cell phones, well, this reference does not mean that it will rain in the deal is an indication of service of Google called Google at Google the AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages or the pages of the internet metronome on the phones.

In our today’s article we’ll explore these services and discuss their advantages and disadvantages in detail, but before that let me give you a quick summary of what the service is before delving into the details.

Service Google at simply is a service benefit users in the review of the different web pages is fast and the lowest rate of exchange of Internet Data in addition to reducing the amount of ads and Pop Ups dramatically and that leads to great speeds very to download different web pages on mobile phones.

Let us now give you information about the beginning of Google’s service at and how it started:

The announcement of Google’s service at 2015 as a competitor to serve the Facebook Instant Articles service and Apple News but it in reality it poses more benefits and features for service previous two I will mention to you the reason later.

This service started in cooperation with the nearly 30 companies such as Twitter and LinkedIn and others that embraced the project since its early days

For users the first pages that appeared in the search results with the full support of this service was in the month of February 2016 these results were always top the search results with a tag of “lightning” in front to distinguish them now it is not necessary to show the first results.

Well now how does this service work are detailed? And how to put them to use as a Web Developer, or even a blogger on a platform such as word press?

Focus Service Google am currently on 3 key aspects in any web page

So that any web page made up than know PayPal Frontend and Backend so that Google’s focus on the side of the Frontend, which is simply all what you see in front of you and interact with them within the browser that includes menus, colors, fonts, etc., be these elements are written in one language design such as HTML , CSS and other as the Backend they include elements that we can’t see and interact with such databases

Google at the amendment on these aspects 3 and make it suitable for VIA phones and mobile devices are secures users to experience the fastest and smoothest.

There’s a very important note I want to mention before I finish:

What I’ll mention later are things related to programming and web development, but there are a lot of sites built without any experience in the construction and development of Web sites depend on different platforms like WordPress, and to take advantage of this service, there are a lot of plugins and templates that support this service and make it available to all users without any programming knowledge (Thank you Google), and I will mention to you later. group of companies and supporting Google at.

The following will be a detailed kind of like a Chinese for they have no idea about web development and design but I will try the shortcut and simplification as much as possible.

Well, let’s go back now, assuming that your own site building software handy away from home and want to develop web pages supportive of this service, in fact, Google’s given us and site with lots and lots of detail about how to deal with the service

First : AMP HTML :

Is simply the same HTML but with some adjustments and change some of the features that consume the amount of big data or slow down web pages, so that most of the Tags used in HTML we can use it fully and correctly with AMP HTML while there are some Tags that need to be changed such as the replacement of the <img> B <amp-img>.

As for the Tags given include the frame and object and you can learn more about the rest of the things permitted and prohibited from the attributes and And here.

Second: the AMP JS:

Simplified the Service Google AM you cancel any JavaScript of JavaScript is asynchronous as it loads the page fully with fonts even before you download things for things like buttons to share the page on social media pages which require calls to the additional for HTTP Protocol but it does not hinder page load

In addition the animated graphics or the Animations where there is limited large, as the Google at do not allow only simple movements related to change the Opacity and change the movement only, so it most of the banner animation to be cancelled or converted forms much simpler for the former.

Even the service is able to determine what things are more important to the user and analyzed by the first such as the title text of a particular article and to delay what will the reader later, like the photo in another article and photo in the first place and cancel what is not useful to the page like the Pop-Ups or ads that come in the middle of the page or something.

Third :the AMP Cache :

It is Google’s ability to save copies of all the pages at the server Private to Google and the Cache is not inclusive of all scripts and files of your pages and the callback by HTTP 2.0 to ensure the greatest possible speed and there are other service cooperating with Google called Cloud Flare perform the same task also.

If you are using the product to build a site to this list by supporting Google at:
Arc Publishing


To prevent expecting Google to this service?

According to Google they expect Service Google am to 4 main sections include the following:

First: locations of purchase and sale:

Promoting Google’s services as suitable to the subject of buying and selling like ebay because the pages will deal very quickly and this will prove the experience of users as it greatly there are a lot of sites and apps such as Twitter that support early exit from its website to the sites of e-procurement by at.


How to copy amp supports approximately 40 analytical tool for the website which is very useful for developers but these analytical tools, particularly Google and no we can not use analytical tools from other companies (which is moving quality satellites at once).

As Google put boats ready to sell the e-custom by am, and highlighted the sites that support this service are ebay,aliexpress, overstock and others.


Focus Google and here on speed, so they say that every delay at the rate of one second in the analysis leads to lower sales and advertising revenues by 12 percent, they also say that the build ads using AMPHTML ads easy for advertisers the process of designing ads as well as ads designed using AMPHTML ads also work on the web pages dedicated to Wi at, this is excellent in my opinion.

Third:the makers of content such as news agencies and others:

Benefit this group of users significantly Google’s service at because they don’t believe in only great speed in responding to users which makes the readers return to the site repeatedly, but also easy to pressure and construction especially if we can get one of the famous platforms supported as I mentioned earlier so that you can a programming team to design a version of Am for each site during the days of easily, also feature ads that work on both version at and the regular version in my opinion would make a considerable difference especially in terms of financial returns to the owners of the site.

Fourth:advertising platforms:

I don’t know why I decided to Google and cross-site service the formal separation of this category of advertisers from the rest of the advertisers I guess they just wanted to remark on that platform TripleLift has seen an increase in the interactions reached 10% with the ads at which I spoke about earlier.

According to Google the Google at supports more than 25 million locations Add to more than 100 technology company is cooperating fully with Google on this service

What are the benefits for us users?

For the web pages supporting the service of Google, at download full in a second or less and the rate of exchange Internet less than10 times on regular web pages as they significantly limit the ads and all the additional things in the page that distort the reader very often, which empowers the reader a chance to focus on what matters actually mechanism according to Google does not deny the existence of advertising – the main source of income for most websites-

However, there is a lot of criticism from Google about this service and demanded a lot of users and owners of companies and websites to cancel this service even though it is optional

So that a lot of sites complained of the low rate of profits resulting from the advertising due to the simplicity of the ads and their complexity, however, there are some sites that stated quite the opposite, this is Optional Optional, purely and advertisers to develop better methods to deal with AMP HTML ads, website owners also have to deal intelligently with the design of the page I am special to them.

What are the benefits posed by Google’s service at compared to other similar services?

The interest raised by the service truly is the ability to use the service and make use of them in any place really, unlike the service of Facebook to become articles without exiting the app and inside the app itself which is limited to content publication inside the box of Facebook while Google now supports many of the search engines like Bing and therefore you will not find it difficult to find sites that support this service if you are a fan of it.

Well, I don’t want to dwell on them more, but I’m curious to find out about this service do you find it useful? Do you browse sites that support this service a lot? (Yes including our site) is?

Tell me your opinion in the comments.

The know on Google’s service at in detail have been published first in are.

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