You have to assess its hinge new credit re “Microsoft” to the smartphone market?!

In late 2015, launched the “Microsoft” for the first time her laptop tablet Microsoft Surface Book that holds its technology hinge New, which was so revolutionary at the time, and the name Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge.

Came technical the hinge of the New is very attractive for each of the use case, the external striking which resembles the behavior of the mineral “chain – Chain” and the ability to turn at an angle of dilated extremely steadily as well as the possibility of separation from the situation and talk to the tablet without the plastic parts are weak, have all of the advantages of this technique hinge revolutionary.

Unfortunately, soon appeared the problems in the new technology, which complained about some users of the laptop being display care because of the instability of the articular efficiently, what you pay “Microsoft” to notice the problem fast with the second generation of computers Surface Book, which was released the following year.

Added the new army the element of perfection and perfection only technology that seemed revolutionary already since the start, has added to the woes, the engineers have the company element of the ceramic to the outer joints of metal used, the “Microsoft” that the new generation more stable, and reliability, as well as less affected by the variables of Foreign Affairs, in particular heat and enjoy, due to the presence of ceramic in the outer shell the joints.

In any case, keep those technical hinge of the innovative one of the inventions which are “Microsoft” day after day, on through her experience with computers and Surface Book a try. Personally, I think that technology is one of the innovations of small which might be a lot of people have forgotten about its importance, but they may carry with them the reflections a great on the market the full in the future. The articulated and Dynamic Hinge as more reliability, practical, eye-catching beauty in terms of design and in terms of the use of metal in its design, able to call the display from both sides, as well as work to reduce the space occupied by the hinge itself when you put the case in the closed position.

It seems that Microsoft is already aware of the importance of that technique that I made up, and to count on you to secure a real return to the smartphone market. The beginning of last October, and without the presence of any statements or official confirmations by the company, revealed some of the museums for the registration of patents of America for the registration of the company for several patents related to new project carries the code name “Andromeda – Andromeda” spread that represents the most portable serious the company break into the mobile market with a revolution already live to effective competition in this area.

The information available about the project, “Andromeda” that is waiting to come in the image of a mobile device consists of two Display Screens connected via the mechanism of the hinge itself, the device works best a whole new operating system “Windows 10” The Company developed specifically for this new category is going to develop the mobile devices.

In my personal estimate, probably live this new concept of the definition of the tablet market entirely, where providing the mobile devices, iPads can be carried and use that in a picture, like a digital book, as well as the possibility of using one of the two screens as a keyboard full.

Available now to reveal the “Microsoft” of the details related to this new project officially during the Build conference which will be held by the company between the sixth and ninth of next may in Washington.

Blog do you have to offer them the hinge of the new credit re “Microsoft” to the smartphone market?! Appeared first on the tech world.

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