You gave up on Samsung suitable for iPhone X?

In April last we published our article about the launch of Samsung for her phone S8 -see this link– and its time we stole the advantages of your particular phone, the new Samsung and didn’t draw any criticism reminds of the phone as anyone can see its confirmed. Really was S8 a powerful phone already returned the Samsung profits after more than a year and a half of losses at the time. But first yesterday announced the S9 and we published an article yesterday, without giving our perspective and leave us follow us tell us their opinion. But we have seen the person that for some reason it seems that Samsung is desperate to rival the iPhone X.

هل يأست سامسونج من منافسة الآي فون X؟

Wonderful camera

One third of the duration of the conference, Samsung has been talking about the camera it’s the same in advertising, the official launched. And truth be told the figures as well as what has been advertised makes us expect that the camera S9/9+ would be the best camera in the phones including iPhone X. Samsung has a huge in-point camera for it to focus first and we are waiting for the launch of the phone to see and make sure of this. And you can go back to our article yesterday to learn more about the camera –this link-.

The advantage of slow motion is really great, but live its just that they focus on the quality of the old and in HD while Sony like made yesterday, the same density 960fps wholesale top which is FHD because it de ended an era.

The tradition of a loser of an iPhone X

From the early comments made on yesterday’s comment was making fun of the iPhone X and do you think the iPhone X Phone companies compete. The fact that Samsung itself has been thinking about X during and before the conference. Even one of the officers mocked directly from the extrusion of your X said that they have screen parties without the bump. Launched Samsung videos focused on the irony of the iPhone such as the installation of the phone during the introduction of the AUX cable. Please don’t say that Samsung is considering the launch of a good phone only; not thinking about the iPhone. Samsung just thinking of the iPhone and the simplest additional examples:

Money “en Emojis“: there are tens and hundreds of apps in the software store you are taking a picture of you and transferred to the image but Samsung have support on the way to Apple like the same thing and the fact that the water is funny and the allocation of the anime funny also, but the performance is not as accurate anymore Apple and even of the movement is not a series and if you don’t believe me, view the conference at the bottom of the turn it on and go the timing of 39:30 and see for yourself and you tell us this movement a series? This is like the application of it has been added Samsung itself didn’t mention in conference they added a special feature in the camera to do any can transfer it the same for the S8 like but Samsung decided to use Apple’s style is to make the advantages of the system exclusive specifications of the new phone for no reason technique; so why the irony if from Apple?

Fingerprint face: once again, the work called the practice deceptive in feature to unlock the phone… it on to any Android phone there is a feature called face recognition, or “Face Recognition” that in any Android phone. We have explained previously –this link– the difference between this water and the Apple. But Samsung in the Conference by Apple in support cells and published some of the points on the face of the same style of Apple like the same water. But that’s not true. the face recognition feature is not a feature of sophisticated and the proof is simply that Samsung itself does not depend on purchases in Samsung service Bay. Not the same water, but Samsung wanted to make some non-intellectuals say “the Samsung S9 boasts the same feature the iPhone X”.

What about the performance

In less than a minute reviewed the Samsung processor your phone is Snapdragon 845 she said that the more advanced processor in the market said this exact phrase “the markets” and not smart phones. Because simply it is the Processor less powerful than a processor the iPhone is currently the Processor offers fantastic performance in Internet connectivity and almost twice the maximum supported by the iPhone, but for actual performance it’s different, it’s very weak compared to the Processor Apple. Let’s look at the numbers for testing performance for the Exynos which is the international version of the phone S9 new, while the 845 dedicated to some markets only. And the reason for the comparison is that the Processor Exynos wins Snapdragon any that we meet the highest possible performance in order to avoid the that we compare with the version at least:

The following image show the superiority of the iPhone over a Samsung phone that comes for Exynos in all tests except AnTuTu:

◉ Test AnTuTu a test of several criteria with got Samsung to 241 thousand as compared to 224 thousand of an iPhone (miss Samsung 7.5%)

◉ GFXBench test which is the test graphics operations and graphics and got an iPhone on 58.75 compared to 43 for Samsung (miss iPhone 36.6%)

◉ Geekbench test 4 to measure the performance of the Processor kernel to the individual superiority of the iPhone by a margin of 36.6%

◉ Geekbench test 4 to measure the performance of the Processor kernel to the multi miss the iPhone by a margin of 18.8%

Remember the above is a comparison between processor Samsung’s current Exynos which is the same processor that will put it in the Note 9 to the end of the year. Imagine how much will be the difference processor with the A12 which will launch in conjunction with Note 9.

Panic battery

Very weird that Samsung in 2018 still insist on the use of technology Qualcomm QC 2.0 while the LG/HTC/Sony/Mi and others have moved since a year and a half to QC 3.0 does it make sense that Samsung continues, in 2018 the use of technology was use in 2015?! Strange that Samsung is a giant company has a panic in the battery so that she continued to use the same battery made previously in S8 as well as S7. Does it make sense to increase the Samsung of the screen and the brightness of it and doubled the power of images and the Processor network 4G the most powerful and fastest Globally the same battery?! Known that iOS consumes less battery than Android is it possible to find the Apple Put a 2700mah in iPhone 8/X is expected to increase to 3200/3500 in the next phone and Samsung put 3000/3500 in S9/S9+ on?! The stranger, which is not the concept that the phone is suitable and is Huawei’s dead 10 Pro thickness of 7.9 mm and its battery 4000mah while the phone S9 thickness of 8.5 mm and its battery 3000mah. So why become Samsung phone fat if there is no huge battery? IPhone X Battery 2716mah and its thickness is 7.7 mm.

Compared to GsmArena

Site GsmArena famous feature provides all of the data and then doing a shader for a joint between two… you out of curiosity, doing a comparison between the S9+ with Galaxy Note 8 here’s a picture of the holy city and other parts shaded are indicate for duplicate

(Phone S9 on the left noted the 8 on the right)

The first picture is of the company and the dimensions of the device and you will see that it is not a material difference:

Second image for the processor and, of course, there is a clear difference because it was a change of processor entirely

The second picture of the Camera… Yes the sound of water basic camera is more than anything focused on Samsung and saw the difference and also the sound.

The fourth picture shows the rest of the technical specifications and the mixer alone is the presence of radio in America and Canada only

One last word

Does the above mean that phone to S9 phone is bad? No, of course it is a wonderful phone and is currently top of the phone in android the owner of a better camera and faster 4G network as well as the fastest in the world “Android” but for us here than it took by Samsung the whole year. Apple making fun of them was the difference between 7 and X Large the beginning of fingerprint facial hair and fast shipping, the ASEAN health and performance of the Processor (remove the imprint of the face if you want to compare with 8). The Samsung took a full year to deliver one thing which is better camera. Just don’t not! What if you’re not interested in Photography and I have the S8, so why upgrade it?!

Video conference

Do you find any significant differences in the new Samsung phone compared to its predecessor the S8 several camera?

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