You ended the era of the growth of smartphones? And why?

Since the middle of last year and the world of smart phones began to appear in which is noted by the follow up thoroughly. Smart devices sales declining regularly. Maybe at the corporate level to find improved and weak, but at the level of the market as a whole, according to the center for the IDC as part of the second (July-September) total sales decreased 2.7% until the last quarter pointed to the center of Strategy Analytics that the market fell 8.8% compared to the same quarter to serve the offices of the beginning of the world almost becomes a net growth of 1.3% only. So what happens?

هل انتهى عصر نمو الهواتف الذكية؟ ولماذا؟

Tablet devices also

It is known that during the last few years the tablet market is falling and the reason always is that the phones are larger and thus addresses customers tablets to phones. The same thing continued in the 2017 in the last quarter fell tablet 7.9% to be a net annual decline of 6.5%. Yes, reports say that Apple has increased its market share 3% Amazon 38% Huawei 28% but the market as a whole decline. Any see decline in tablet devices and the decline in the phones which did not go their customers phones. So what happened?

Devices really great

The years 2016-2017 witnessed the issuance of the phones as well as tablets more than wonderful. We started to see processors, phones and compares the performance of processors computers, as happened with Apple A11 we saw products from Samsung and Microsoft, such as DEX turns your phone to a PC. In short the phone has become very strong. Improved the Google operating system in its version of the oreo 8.0 unprecedented to performance. But there is a simple problem which is when your device is awesome and works with you efficiently you won’t think about change?!

No mutations of encouragement

The second point somehow linked to the first is that of the causes of poor sales that the phones that we have “magnificent” already-post in full and did not use companies that add spikes new technology and you can compare the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Do you see a huge boom? Between the Google pixel 1 and pic sender 2’s?! And I plus 5 and 5T ! Samsung S7 and S8 ! Of course there are differences I don’t deny this, but is it “evolution” or “mutation”? Let’s move from Apple to prevent bias and compare Google pixel 1 the precedent of Nexus 6P and then make a comparison between pixel 1 and pic sender 2 You’ll find the same difference? Is the difference between S7 and S8 are the same between S6 and S7?! Between Mate 8-9 like Mate 9-10. Companies not able to add the temptations of big boom technique. Even on the train the internal operations, you’ll find that Samsung has been used the technique of Quick charge QC 2.0 in S6/S7/S8 and other companies used to QC 3.0 in 2017 as adopted by 2018 in 2017.

Economic crisis

Another reason for indirect is that the world is suffering in the last year of decline in the global economy it is of course not exclusive to 2017 even kiss started in China before in Europe, but in 2017 it’s any more than you might pay a lot to quit the idea of buying a new phone and the reasons concerted together. The source of my income decreased logical to abandon the purchase of any order and the welfare of… the phone is not welfare but it works quite efficiently; the new phone it does not offer me the differences are huge. Why did I decide to move?!
For clarity, this includes everyone who’s buying the phones upper 500$+ occurs with the same which includes phones Economic of$ 250 – but category least these are the most affected material and thus say buy it it represents the majority while the class richer for the Apple like not damaged significantly so we didn’t see the collapse in sales of the Apple like the rest of the categories. But there is a conflict tell me now where the stated company TSMC that manufactures processors for Apple that the top phones that will be up to his collapse in 2018, but the company replied been that assemble Apple devices, also said it expects to increase phones top in 2018.

Or are there other reasons

In every article I analysed where I get to attack even though I analyze and write down my point of view. In this article explicitly say that there are many reasons, but will mention here, so invite followers to participate in the comments and tell us about their opinion in the decline of sales of smart devices has some see that there are other reasons such as that there is no decline from baseline and 6 months is not long enough to mention that there is a decline and its analysis and we have to wait for at least a year. Others may think that the turnout as it is, but the number of phones which includes two slices over so we started to abandon the campaign phone and thereby the willingness of people themselves to purchase, but we hold the phone a $ 2 chip instead of the phone. Perhaps the reasons are*

In the comments tell us your opinion the reason for the decline in sales of smart phones right now? And do you agree with our analysis at the top, or you have other reasons?


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