You choose the game (fort night) and the secret black hole in the game?

You choose the game (fort night) and the secret black hole in the game?

The game was held (fort Knight) Fortnite today Sunday was an important event, it has launched (end) The End, and indeed it was the expressive, the event started firing rockets and then gradually started the entire game disappear from existence, at least currently.

Follow the event millions of fans and players of the game (fort night), with that of millions of other users not able to join the event due to a problem in the servers at the last minute for the event.

During the event he started a countdown, and went down to zero he began to launch missiles, and those missiles at one point, then after watching the other consecutive experience in the sky of the game, and finally choose the game including the map in like a black hole.

And now can’t access the game, it is believed that the (fort night) acting like she killed the game, because I don’t see players now only the black hole in the center of the screen, so that the accounts of the game on social networking sites turned into a black color, with either a black hole or without it.

He explained some of what happens is that the game is preparing to launch the second chapter of which, including the new map – which has seen a number of rumors and leaks. But I don’t know yet when it will be.

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