You can now track your activity with Google Fit on the iOS and Apple Watch

google fit

Starting today, you can download Google Fit on the Store iTunes App Store to use it on the iPhone. You’ll be able to track the location of your physical activity using metrics to ” Move Minutes ” and ” Heart Points “. And make these metrics easy for you to understand how much activity you’ve done throughout the day and points of the ” Heart Points ” based on the intensity of those activities.

In addition to tracking activity with Google Fit, it will be combined also with the application of Apple Health so you can earn points Heart Points by logging workouts and activities on the Apple Watch so there are no need to develop Google Fit separately for the Smart Watch Apple Watch.

Offers Google Fit schedule for all activities throughout the day called ” Journal“, and you will be too when you experience guided breathing exercises from the Apple Watch. Shows the schedule of the ” Journal ” is also the number of points Heart Points gained for this activity. Integrates Google Fit as well with a lot of other fitness apps such as Nike Run Club and My Fitness Pal and Strava and Endomondo and Calm.

If you are interested in Google Fit, you can now download it directly from the iTunes store the App Store from the source link below.


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