You can now request a divorce in China via WeChat !

No longer services the Messaging app, the Chinese WeChat is convinced on social media and digital, but you can start the divorce proceedings through his also.

Ask the app function “divorce” pilot in the province of Guangdong, which is home to major cities including Guangzhou and Shenzhen. And can the couple wishing to break up with an appointment to the Office of the registration of divorce to include them under the new functionality for the application.

The app has a profile page, which includes a part called “marriage” there, including the option to “book an appointment to register a divorce”, for you save the page asking about your place of residence in China, and then enter personal details about an absolute include his name and address, to book an appointment.

Says one of the officials on WeChat that they found the function of the divorce model for the application, can also complete the payment via the app without Frequent actions.

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Filing for divorce is just one of the new functions to develop WeChat where users can use the permit command, copy of passports, the management of their tax, and apply for a marriage license through the app as well. Smite app is an example flow applications in the various Affairs of our lives.

Source: Business Insider

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