You can now get the features of screen recorder and Zen Mode phones OnePlus old

Every time they fired one of the leading features of the new air of its modern users start to wonder if these nurses will be to the old phones they have already.

For features OnePlus 7 Pro, we recently learned that the features of screen recorder and Zen Mode will be released to older phones, but it turns out that you don’t need to wait until the official launch. You can get the nurses as applications APK phones OnePlus 6T and 5T and 5.

1 – Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder available version APK you can download them through this link. But after the installation, you won’t find the app in the app drawer, and you’ll need to pull the Quick Settings and search for “Screen Recorder”, and this is a way that you can access to the application.

2 – Zen Mode

Put the Zen is also available as a APK you can download from this link, and just like the recorder screen, not the app in the applications drawer, and you can access it from Quick Settings, which prevent you from using the phone for 20 minutes to get the rest of the phone.

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