You can now convert Samsung phones to a Linux computer

Samsung is working to continuously improve technically the DeX is working to provide a work environment computers via connect phones the galaxy leading to an external display and wireless keyboard to use the phone as a touchpad for the then, but a lot of want to get a system running fact entitled to the ease of development with their phone and then just plug it in any screen and cable resources to obtain a computer integrated, without the need to carry laptops require backpacks annoying, and here comes the role of the directly Linux on DeX.

Working directly Linux on DeX to provide a Linux operating system for desktop computers and portable phones Galaxy, so the system works immediately upon contact with an external monitor, during the conference Developers Samsung last, the company announced that this feature is coming soon on body application takes advantage of the system kernel of Android is based on Linux system without the need for any additional tools.

Holds the application name of the Linux on DeX of course, it is currently available for pilot phase, where it can be downloaded on any phone that supports Dex and his experience through the expansion of the initiative from here.

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