You can no longer book Uber through the Maps application Google Maps

Google Maps for ios

Google announced in the past year on the integration service Uber in the service of swarf Google Maps. This means that during the search for the location of some places, users can also request a Uber car within the mapping Service Google Maps itself. This means fewer steps for users to increase the number of users of Uber at the same time.

But as explained by the site Android Police, it appears that users will be able to request Uber car through the mapping Service Google Maps anymore. I confirmed Google this in the support page own where I wrote ” you can no longer book flights Uber directly from Google Maps. But you can still search for the path in the maps app, then request a ride from Uber independent “.

I didn’t reveal to us company Google about the reasons that pushed her to pull the integration with Uber, but the site Android Police explained that he was pulled integration of Uber For of the Google Maps application on the iOS platform since the summer of 2017, but for some reason this keeps up, integration into the Google Maps application for Android.

However, will continue to service are Google Maps lets users book a Uber car through the Uber app, so you’ll have to install the Uber app on your phone if you still plan to book flights Uber while using the map service Google Maps. Sure, that means take step two additional, but this is not that hard.



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