You can disable the feature ” Last Active ” on the network Instagram easily


The network Instagram recently released a new feature for direct messages ” Direct ” is called the Last Active Directory, a feature that appears for the people, which was the user active on the application. In fact, this feature is similar to the property ” last seen ” in WhatsApp, what this means is that you tell people quickly about the last time you were connected to the internet. It is not clear why you felt Instagram with the need to add this feature even though the application is not used necessarily to chat like WhatsApp. It is clear that this feature caused some concern for users who don’t want the others to know what is the last time they were online if they wish to avoid direct messages unwanted. Fortunately, there is a way to disable the feature ” Last Active ” on the application of Instagram easily.

It seems that this feature is useful for those who are trying to communicate with companies on Instagram. She allows them to see you from the time the company did not use the feature of direct messages to respond to customer inquiries. However, it is like this feature to be annoying for ordinary users because of their activity on Instagram can be tracked by other users who do not wish to receive direct messages from them. This can lead to awkward conversations about the lack of response to messages to someone even when he can see that you’re active clearly.


Generally, users of Instagram can easily disable the feature ” Last Active ” settings of the app by dragging to bottom, and exactly to the option ” Show Activity Status ” and disable it. Take into account that once you disable this feature, you will not be able you also see when they were where other users are connected once to the internet.

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