You can buy an Apple TV 4 Luxury $ 165,000 riyals almost

From time to time, disclose to the company Caviar Russian technology products, the motifs to be one of the signs of wealth and excessive in the hands of the rich.

It is recognized that one of the best ways to review your wealth will be through the Apple Watch priced in the range of 40 thousand dollars.

Use my lineup and Apple Watch 4 colors Caviar red, black and white, as they come, one studded with rubies and the second with cream and black and the second white diamond, every hour is come total of 633 Stone the size of each of them a millimeter and a half and cover the previous user and clipboard.

Prices start from $37,650 (141,251 SAR) for Sapphire, up to $41,390 (155,282 real), the proportion of black stones and $43,850 (164,512 SAR) to copy a diamond.

This knowing that there is a fine selection of affordable, relatively speaking, without precious stones, but patterned with 7 microns of gold. To many selections of caviar, the entire You can visit the site, with free international shipping.



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