You can access the Settings fast from the bottom of the screen this app

With the arrival of modern phones screen the edges of her too small it became difficult to drag from the top of the screen with one hand to get to the Quick Settings and notifications, unless you tilt the phone enough for the arrival of your thumb to the top of the screen which may cause the sliding of the phone from your hand.

A little bit of apps line you’ll find her offering gesture swiping down from the middle of the screen to access quick settings and notifications for free, and even the used water must be within line of what affects your interaction with the interface of your phone fully.

For that reason, we offer you today the application of Bottom Quick Settings is compatible with users of Android 5 or newer, which focuses on empowering call the quick settings to travel from the bottom of the screen, with the scalability to customize the Quick Settings significantly.

Download Bottom Quick Settings

Everyone to the Quick Settings enjoy designed Android 9, and add options for customization, the app does not require root (Root), however some quick settings data, phone, location and flight mode will not be activated and adjusted directly (i.e. without transfer you to the internal settings), but the work of the root of the phone.

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