You become a version of the 512 GB best-selling Galaxy Note is that a 9?

Since less than two weeks, announced the Korean company leading to Samsung for a ninth in a series note is possible under the name of Galaxy Note 9 , which came with a set of leading features that was highlighted in the communication technology Bluetooth with the smart pen S Pen and DEX directly with the computer.

And now the company announced the global shipping SK Telecom about a set of figures about pre-booking for the smartphone, which referred to the choice of more than 50% of people to book women the most expensive 512 GB with a RAM of 8 GB of the Galaxy Note 9 price $ 1200.

With the turnout less version at least with a storage capacity of 128 GB and RAM is 6 Gb, which is less than the rate of about 20% for women initial price regarding $ 975.

It indicated the shipping company to increase the turnout for the blue version of the phone versus the colors of black, purple and copper, did not disclose the numbers, pre-booking yet, it will arrive the first shipments of the phone on 24 August.

Did anyone book the Galaxy Note is that a 9?

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