Yosemite: the future in the past

Great interface revolution up screen elements iOS 7 with the screen surface, in 2014, came in OS X. The radical change of the system interface in its history (according to Craig Federighi) was gentle and there were no casualties. About “the radical change” I’m not sure – but senior Vice President of Apple in charge of developing OS X and iOS also has the right to their own opinion.

When Mac OS X was still very young, at the beginning of the era of “big cats”, someone suddenly interested in is: what will be indicated following the Mac 10.9 version? And there were only three options: Mac OS 10.10, Mac OS 11.0 (Mac OS XI) and all the rest.

Happened the most uninteresting option. On Mac OS 11.0 (Mac OS XI), a new version of the system frankly is not pulled, and became Mac OS 10.10. And named it in honor of the national Park, without a drop of humor and hints of something unusual. Mavericks was a Paradise for lovers of the most extreme surfing on the Pacific coast. Salty ocean wind, sun, dangerous high waves. Something was it?

And Yosemite (read “Yosemite”) is Yosemite national Park, it is decent to deal with. School, nerds, books, reports at school conferences. No separation. Would be better if they called the new version of OS X Cucamonga. At least non-trivial.

Something non-trivial, however, to Yosemite was. Brand picture for your desktop in Mac OS 10.10 portrayed one of the attractions of the national Park, the rock of unusual shape called El Capitan. This is the name of the next version of OS X! But – Shh! We are in 2014, about no one does not even know. This is the future.

Scheduled updates

Users are always dissatisfied with everything. Tradition. When creating new versions of Apple spent years it was bad. Innovations were many, and they radically have changed something in the native Mac world – horrible, old Mac and was not able to work with them.

Starting with Mac OS 10.8 “Mount Lion”, announced in February 2012 and published in July of the same year, the creation of the next “big” version of the system was given only a year. In Tempe, organized according to the plan. Accurately and neatly. Local trains in Switzerland.

Naturally, users were dissatisfied. The development of the system slowed down. The scale of innovation was not impressive. Quality? Grievances have not diminished. System as capricious and orchard crops, they ripen themselves. Trying to speed up by pulling out the shoots inefficiently.

Graphics make the world very predictable

– Svejk, do you want me to tell you how they will call your wife?
– I want, Mr. oberfelder!
– Let five crowns. Thank you. It will be called… Mrs. Svecova.

In fact the graphics (if they met), planning and other managerial things necessary, useful, and almost harmless. With proper application.

Just on the direction of the main attack there was another platform and another operating system, OS X has matured, the world (as usual) went crazy – and emphasized the propriety of the new versions, as the regular schedule, was a sophisticated form of rebellion.

As for the bugs and problems if you create software, how do you not tested and not checked (not lying down within the time humbly accepting the punishment), they still can not be avoided.

“.0” in the designation of the version of the operating system is a red flag, warning of danger. So it was in the first versions of Mac OS X, which is also produced annually, and in 2001 they released even two. So it was in “the middle of the century Mac OS X” when with their release in no hurry. Nothing has changed. System fall, users are evil, the media relish of the absurdity of the system – all good, all have something for everyone.

Microsoft Metro UI

In the new “revolutionary” user interface, Yosemite was something very unusual. Somewhere in all this I have seen. Not a single one is the same, but something similar, perhaps just interface Yosemite was undoubtedly designed with children the Quince, but the impact of Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 were felt at every step.

The sworn friends have same views on life? This trend or even fashion? And tested: first in the world in number of users was Windows, second for OS X.

Judging by the realities of front-end Android, the world of mobile operating systems still had money, it was considered fashionable and modern.

Guys Quince rose to the occasion: OS X Yosemite, even following the fashion, remains a Mac-native operating system “to the last pixel”, carefully preserving the most important.

However, with transparency the designers went a little overboard. Sometimes it’s really nice, but practical is not always. I was amused by the paradox: in OS X Mavericks, the creators of the system fought for its survival. I mean, for the duration of work in offline mode. For cost-effectiveness.

And in the Human Interface Guidelines (the name of this document can be translated, in particular, and how “Guidance on Humane Interfaces”) in versions for OS X and iOS, starting with the first versions of it and systems, we were taught not to abuse the transparency.

The algorithms of mixing colors too good appetite, and the effect of overlaying two previously unknown images could easily be unacceptable. Mavericks have increased the time on a single charge for an hour or two, Yosemite drawing interface in the foggy translucent colours, to squander energy.

But either Human Interface Guidelines reported wrong, either one of two things: Yosemite, with its efficient interfaces are practically not inferior to the efficiency of the Mavericks.

But the main advantage of Yosemite was something else: the transparency turned off in system preferences, remove the checkmark from the checkbox. The interface for this “skocne”, but it is someone’s personal opinion. A boring version of the interface I like more.

Public beta

I hope that the word “public” is still not banned.

During the presentation, Yosemite was a sensation. For the first time since 2000, Apple promised to release a public beta version of the new system. In 2000, for beta requested 29.99 dollars, warned that it will cease to work immediately after this release, use the beta of 2000 for work was impossible – but the action was a success.

If not beta, bugs and problems in Mac OS 10.0 would be even greater. The first version of Mac OS X which was good, was Mac OS 10.2 “Jaguar”.

A public beta version of the free Mac OS 10.10 was, of course, free. In order to buy required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Online. To read the text of the agreement (or to pretend), tick – it lightly at first glance. Meanwhile, signed in such a frivolous way the agreement has the same legal effect as traditional.

Tim cook has promised to enter into a public beta program. Personal example, so to speak.

If not beta, bugs and issues in Mac OS 10.10 would be even greater. The first version of OS X “that something good” will be…

To be continued

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