Yoolox offer a new solution for wireless charging

Wireless chargers portable is one of those ideas that looks better on paper compared to practice, where you will the idea of empowerment of the paste charging device in your pocket, sharpen it while walking in a magical way without having to use the cable, but there is a problem it is to maintain compatibility between the phone and while walking.

But maybe work Yoolox funded by Kickstarter to find a solution to this problem using the method of analog weird, which is to use a set of vessels of the suction rubber to keep your charger and your phone in the mode for the fused.

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Although there are some doubts that the new shipper will be well with the experience on the iPhone X is a glass surface which will be some areas significantly, but the presentations also came with roofs of plastic and materials which proved its function as equally good.

  • Power charger: 10,000 mAh
  • Cost: 79$
  • Suitable: USB-C and USB-A


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