Yet, Craig: the Creator of Bitcoin SV offended and left Twitter

Craig Wright is a well — known lover of sharp words not only Bitcoin, but other members of cryptocommunist. After continuous scandals surrounding his persona Twitter account of Wright’s closed. While it is not known whether this incident resulted from the policies of the administration of the service, or Craig that he himself wants to leave the area.

Recall that Wright repeatedly said that he is the same Satoshi Nakamoto. A prospective candidate for the role of the Creator of Bitcoin likes to criticize other projects and make unsubstantiated statements. The behavior of the Creator provoked the wrath of the SV Bitcoin government WikiLeaks.

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Earlier this year, Craig made his account private allegedly due to the fact that the other account @BotFaketoshi “violated intellectual property law”, stealing his tweets.

After Wright left his first account @ProfFaustus, on Twitter I noticed another account which he broadcast to the public. A few days later and it ceased to exist. Summarize — at the moment, Craig Wright does not conduct any activity on Twitter.

Did someone hand to care scandalous Satoshi? Given its temperamental nature, Wright, most likely, he decided to disappear from the focus of publicity. Note that in the scandal were involved the Creator of the bot @BotFaketoshi, which published some deleted tweets Wright.

That’s all from me, at least for the moment. I didn’t expect him to throw 60 thousand subscribers because of one bot.

If you suddenly feel regret over the disappearance of Craig, just remind you that he wrote about Bitcoin.

Well, I originally wanted to let Bitcoin die slowly, someone still managed to pour their coins. I guess I’ll have to speed up the process because of idiots, who will meet me in court.

Even more interesting about Wright can be found in our cryptodata.


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