Yahoo stop service 15 years on the internet

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ياهو توقف خدمة عمرها 15 عام على شبكة الانترنتYahoo stop service 15 years on the internet

Is there anyone on the internet still uses their products or their applications after all these years and all this failure to keep the secrets and privacy of users? If the answer is yes, Yahoo stop service 15 years on the internet.

The service is groups or Yahoo Groups which is a panel discussion open or private over the internet appeared for the first time since more than 15 years.

Yahoo announced that as of October 28, the users are not able to collections to download any additional content to the site, although they will still be able to use them after October 28, where he confirmed the company it will be deleted all content from the site on December 14, which means that you have until that date to save anything, still you want to keep.

Confirmed Yahoo also that the position of the groups will continue to exist on the web, but all public groups will become special or restricted, also, will need any new members in the group to request an invite or invited by the administrator, which will still be able to manage the group’s settings are different, although some functions will be limited.

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