Yahoo provide a copy Go application by Mail on the Android system jo

May be Yahoo and its services are not as is the case in the past, but there’s no denying that millions of people still depend on their email address to “Yahoo” as a means of communication for these users and millions of potential new users, the company announced the submission of a new application for Android Go with the experience of the new Web from for phones some.

Where this new version of Yahoo Mail is a version light of the same application, requires less than 10 MB of installation space and uses less than 50 MB of RAM, however it was built using the same structure and contains many of the features and found mainly in the full application, including working with providers and other email such as Gmail and Outlook, support for search and attachments, and contains a lot of cool plugins such as procedures, scrolling, customizable, themes, notifications, people, photos animated GIF, understanding, smart vouchers and the details of travel.

ياهو تُقدّم نسخة Go من تطبيقها Mail على نظام أندرويد جو

The second thing that announced by the company is offered for a browsing experience new web “” on the phone, where it was rebuilt reality from the ground up to become more effective, and not required to re-download again for each procedure, as well as the interface is designed to be the experience similar to the full whether features or appearance or in the infinite scroll for e-mail messages, and even in the side menu with all the folders and quick actions for email chosen, the procedure for scrolling, customizable, themes, multiple, suggestions contacts Frequent.

Download application Yahoo Mail Go from here.

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