Yahoo Finance: Bitcoin is not Scam

The media and conservative experts like to call Bitcoin deception and to compare the bitcoin with the Tulip mania in Holland. According to them, the price of the coin depends solely on speculation and could collapse at any second. The staff at Yahoo Finance have gone the other way — published material, which dispelled the major myths about bitcoin.

The article is called “the 3 biggest misconceptions about Bitcoin”. Read the original here.

Bitcoin is not regulated

For a start, journalists remembered about the bankers and the officials who complain about the lack of government regulation. In fact it is not. Yahoo employees cited the example of stock exchanges Coinbase and Gemini, which cooperate with the financial authorities of different countries.

In the future, cooperation will increase, so the statement about the lack of regulation wrong.

Bitcoin anonymous

The anonymity of the cryptocurrency associated with scammers and hackers that scare people off. In theory to track down the owner of the purse may not be proved by law enforcement agencies.

Information about the transaction falls within the decentralized blockchain, which is stored by all network users. Information on income and expenditure of each purse available at any time.

Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin is often called a bubble and deceit. Cited a great quote author Yahoo Finance.

Bitcoin is a legal technology system, which drew the attention of major financial companies. It’s not a trick or a hoax. It is something real and existing, though not physically tangible.

Also, the journalists denied the charges in an investment Scam according to the type of Ponzi Scheme.

Hopefully, after these materials are groundless criticism of Bitcoin will be less. And the rate will rise to the promised heights.

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