Xperia XZ3 shows the province with a camera wallpaper Double

Didn’t know Sony about the Xperia XZ3 after, however, the position of MobileFun, the British had begun to accept pre-ordering the flagship phone, as the website show a set of portfolio photos of the phone what gives us a view of what it would look like when he arrives officially.

In terms of design, shows XZ3 is very similar to the previous phone, which came as the XZ2, both in terms of the structure of the glass and the odd sensor footprint of services, while maintaining the Dual Camera.

According to reports, will carry the Xperia XZ3 screen 5.7 inch strictly 2160×1080 resolution with a ratio of length to width of 18:9, and the processor will be Snapdragon 845 with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal space.

With regard to the camera, the rumors suggest the presence of Rear Camera, Double 19/12-megapixel, with front camera 13 megapixel with battery 3,240 mAh.

It is worth mentioning that MobileFun announced the availability the Xperia XZ3 for pre-booking at a price of 850 euros, the equivalent of 3,735 SAR, which gives us a rough estimate on the price of the phone.

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