Xperia lose their independence.. Sony destroy phones the police department monitors cameras

Phones Sony lose its independence, which seems appropriate for a Japanese company Famous, which decided to integrate the phones section, Department of television cameras, under the name of only one.

Integration of Sony products

Decided giant Japanese technology, Sony, the integration of its phones inside section of the company’s other products, such as television cameras, in hopes of approximation of the distances between the sales of each product, where it seemed clear that the decline in sales of phones Xperia, required adjustments are immediate, That is the first.

Some suggest that the decision to merge the collections of the phones with other products, is designed to hide losses in this section, in the folds of the other products have achieved considerable success in recent years, which can be explained by cross-listing sales figures and the company in the last stage, including download of real suffering in some sections.

The suffering of the Sony phones

Suffered phones Sony two in recent years, as the company sold no more than 13.5 million phones in 2017, prompting officials to weighting decreases the sales of the company in the following years to 7 million phone only, which comes in parallel with the financial losses a major, break it a million dollars in the past year.

The bright side for Sony, is the volume of sales of TVs, cameras, Special Police Major, where the profit of the company during the past year approximately 714 million of devices through the TV, and reached sales figures of cameras to about $ 804 million, during the same period.

Hopes Sony through their recent decisions to reduce the expenses of Department phones to 50% once, in a likely expert in the company, the ability of phones Xperia to the heart of things upside down, transforming losses into gains, with 2021 in the best conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the section of the Xperia from Sony, is now working on the development of their own capabilities, to take advantage of the 5G, not only for the company, but also for the benefit of Sony products other than those of modern networks, what reminds us of the statement by the former CEO of Sony, Kaz Hirai, pdk explained that the survival of Sony phones alive, no good phones, but the company’s products to all.

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