Xperia 4 may replace the series Xperia Compact, and will screen long with a diameter of 5.7-inch

Xperia 10 Plus

Did Sony remove the curtain officially phone Xperia 1 Without to disclose the phone Xperia 1 Compact. We’ve heard rumors to the effect that models of Compact Xperia smartphones will be marketed now as the phones of the middle class, it seems that this is confirmed by the registration of the new about phone Xperia 4.

It should be noted that this depends largely on the rumors that are circulating in the middle of Esato, including the photo below that compares the two phones Xperia Compact old style with a new frequency that it will be released in the near future.

The idea behind the Xperia 4 is simple: maintain the same display phones Xperia Compact old $ 65mm, but with the lifting of the screen length. As all of you probably know, most of the smart phones revealed by Sony this year come with a screen long with dimensions of 9:21, and is now referred to that the Xperia 4 will undergo the same treatment.


Whether young long suitable for smartphones that was originally designed to be a small size or not, this is only one thing, the rumors are saying that Xperia 4 will get you on the processor Snapdragon 710 instead of the processor Snapdragon 855. Thus, this confirms that Sony is already going to classify models Xperia Compact within the smart phones available.

At least, this will be the new model thinner, it will model the thickness reaches 8.3 mm only on reverse phone Xperia XZ2 Compact, which arrived to the market with a thickness amounting to 12.1 mm. However, this new model will live separate headphones 3.5 mm. And the rumors that Xperia 4 will be exclusively for communication of Japanese NTT DoCoMo in Japan. Of course, it remains to be seen whether it will launch this phone globally or not.


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