Xiaomi used to detect Black Shark 2 on 23 October

This theme Xiaomi use to detect Black Shark 2 at the 23. of October appeared on Engadget.

Published Xiaomi teaser new to announce the date of its conference on 23 October to unveil phone Black Shark 2.


Phone Black Shark 2 is a new version of Xiaomi is targeting games, where he is scheduled to be official announcement on the 23 of October.

It is expected that the phone comprises a chip Snapdragon processor 845, with a ram of 8 GB RAM, the storage capacity of 128 GB.

It also features phone Black Shark 2 size of screen 6 inches, with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh and Xiaomi backlight feature in the design of the phone to improve the technology Razer Phone 2.

At leaks catalog new for Black Shark 2, The disclosed design of the glass in the bulk of the back side of the phone, while featuring the design of metal in the sides of the phone.

Also come camera back of the phone design head with the big logo لBlack Shark comes in the middle of the design the back for Black Shark 2.

The leaks also confirmed that the phone features the technique of illumination colors, RGB, with streaks of light that stretch with the frames phone, with expectations that light up when you receive notifications in the phone.

So far not published any predictions about the pricing of the phone a Xiaomi killer, but leaks indicate that the phone is Black Shark 2 will apply to the Chinese markets in the beginning to be available in global markets later, only to phone Mi Mix 3 will apply universally with memory, 10 GB RAM and support for the 5G.


This theme Xiaomi use to detect Black Shark 2 at the 23. of October appeared on Engadget.

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