Xiaomi unveiling officially unveiled the Xiaomi phone Mi9 to compete with the Galaxy S10

Xiaomi Mi9

After a long series of ads headline, the company Xiaomi today finally remove the curtain officially on her phone, the new flagship Xiaomi Mi9 to serve as the first competitor of the company phones Galaxy S10 will Samsung today, which will reach the market in early March next.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that we look at the design of the phone Xiaomi Mi9 has already buy Xiaomi has released the official images of the handset which confirmed not coming with the front end somewhat similar to the front end of the phone OnePlus 6T thanks to the screen with the section in the top middle section for the front camera which also reader the fingerprint, as well as the interface background covered with a layer Gorilla Glass 5 includes three cameras in vertical position is just below the LED flash.

And speaking of cameras, have confirmed the US company Xiaomi that the rear camera of the tripartite phone Xiaomi Mi9 include sensor essential to accurately 48 megapixels the post size of 0.8 µm, which leads to output images accurately 12 megapixels. For the sensor in this camera background of the tripartite, it is the accurately 16 megapixels features lens viewing angle is very wide up to 177 degrees and unzip 2.2. As for the second camera and last, it incorporates a sensor of 12 megapixels with a lens close to a girl 2.2. Will support this camera background of the tripartite by a laser auto focus. Returning to the sensor base which is accurate to 48 megapixels, which is made by Sony and supports technology Quad Bayer which allows the merging of four pixels to form one pixel to capture better pictures in environments of low lighting.

Regardless of the cameras, make sure also that the phone Xiaomi Mi9 featuring a Super AMOLED display size of 6.39 inches and accurately +Full HD with a little cut in the middle part of the upper on the form of a drop of water contains front camera which amounts to its accuracy as we have said earlier 20 megapixels. And speaking of the screen, it covers 90.7 percent of the phone interface as they enjoy a high brightness up to 800 nits, and is protected by a layer Gorilla Glass 6 glass.

As we expected already, the phone Xiaomi Mi9 new also comes with the processor Snapdragon 855 the latest from Qualcomm, and with the season Qualcomm X24 LTE. For the basic version of the phone Xiaomi Mi9, it comes with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory note that this particular women will be 2999 Yuan Chinese equivalent of 436 USD.

When it comes to Sensor fingerprint, it is included in the screen like many smart phones available in the market today with the knowledge that the Xiaomi phone Mi9 comes also preinstalled with MIUI ROM 10, which is based on Android 9 Pie, featuring a battery with a capacity of 3300mAh supports fast charging technology Charge Turbo FAST 27 watts, but in the case of wireless charging speed up to 20 watts note that this is the highest speed we’ve seen so far for wireless. For those who wonder about the dimensions of the phone, they are $ 155 × 75 × 7.6 mm. Must be this phone available for purchase in the month of March next.

I have a Xiaomi phone Mi9 special button for the digital assistant Google Assistant on the side, it also has an improved user interface thanks to the feature of night mode that allows using the phone in the dark without straining the eyes, and a Dual GPS that allow the identification of sites better in the crowded cities.

Moreover, the company Xiaomi is also growing Xiaomi phone Mi9 chip NFC new. While the company did not remove infrared transmitter ( IR Blaster ), they decided to go back to tool remote control is for your home appliances “. In fact, this does not seem surprising given that the company Xiaomi is betting too much on the smart home.

The user interface has become better also. There will be a dynamic wallpaper that would change the color shades of the elements throughout the day. You can also choose the screen Always-On Display with colorful patterns are customizable. Moreover, it has got MIUI ROM 10 to the night mode ” Dark Mode ” in most of the end applications of the system, this is called according to the Xiaomi company to reduce the energy consumption by 83 percent while using full brightness and 50 percent under the use of half the brightness.

When I started some companies such as LG, Vivo and Samsung do it, I have decided to Xiaomi company also now put a special button for the digital assistant Google Assistant on the side. Given that Google services are banned in China, it is likely that this button is in the units of the Chinese phone Xiaomi Mi9 call digital assistant Xiao Ai of the Chinese company. Apart from that, there are the new flagship of the Xiaomi company also received the advantage of automatic switching smart antenna, as it supports the antenna of the advanced 4×4 MIMO, which will receive assistance from the processor Snapdragon 855.

Regardless, it turns out further that the Xiaomi phone Mi9 will feature AMOLED display made by Samsung +FullHD is the bottom sensor of the fingerprint, and this is the screen with features such as Reading Mode 2.0 and Sunlight Mode 2.0 to improve readability in all conditions. Moreover, the Xiaomi company to bring the Game Turbo to Phone Xiaomi Mi9 payment processor the central processor and graphics to deliver the best possible performance to provide the best game experience possible.

Overall, Xiaomi phone Mi9 new will be available in pink, blue, and black. When it comes to prices, the proportion of 6GB/128GB would be equivalent to 455 USD, while the version will be 8GB/128GB equivalent of 490 USD.

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