Xiaomi supports both of Mi 9 Mi Mix 4 Settings three-camera rear

In a new report from GF from Hong Kong, it was pointed out that the versions of Shawty coming from the phones Mi 9 Mi Mix 4 includes settings of the three-camera background, it also includes processor chip Qualcomm possible Snapdragon 855.

Xiaomi Mi 9 -and- Mi Mix 4- to have- triple rear cameras- Snapdragon 855

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Comes phone Mi 9 during the coming period as the first versions of Shawty that apply settings three camera background according to the لتقريرGF from Hong Kong, also pointed out in the report that the company Shawty is planning to launch the phone Mi Mix 4 with the lens of the Parthenon, which supports optical zoom a higher level without having to run a greater distance in the structure of the phone, so keeping this version the size of a slim also.

Also expected to come all of a phone Mi 9 and Mi Mix 4 chip Snapdragon processor 855 representative of Qualcomm, as projections indicate that Mi 9 and Mi Mix 4 phones from Xiaomi representative of the year 2019.

Recall also that the phone Mix 4 is a version available that includes design and folding of the phones shawty, it also comes phone Mi Mix 3 the issuance of a special called fifth-generation networks next year, is scheduled to come Tel Mi 9 with the support of networks of the fifth generation also.


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