Xiaomi successfully shipped 32 million smartphone in the third quarter of this year


And the second quarter of this year, two months before the companies agree to disclose its financial results for the last three months. The latest manufacturer of smartphones say this is the Xiaomi company which made a profit of 2.1 billion USD in the first quarter as a whole. Managed the company shipped 32 million smartphones in the period between April and June, and achieved returns of $ 4.5 million USD.

One-third of the company’s revenue came from smartphones. More than 10 billion Chinese yuan came from the Department of intelligent products, which include Smart TVs, fitness bands, and other household appliances. The company’s net profit in the second quarter of this year, equivalent to us $ 2.1 billion, but the company recorded an operating loss of $ 7.6 million Chinese yuan because of the administrative costs related to subscribe, the public in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

I have the Xiaomi company the miracles on the world stage, and now comes 36 percent of its revenue from international markets. The report shows that the global growth of the company amounting to 151 percent on an annual basis. Although the increase comes mostly from India, has said that Xiaomi company say that there is progress in Indonesia and European countries.

We might see an increase in numbers in the coming months after the launch of the phone Pocophone F1 today with the knowledge that it is cheaper to telephone a leading provider processor Snapdragon 845 currently on the market, comes mainly to compete with the likes of OnePlus 6 and Asus ZenFone 5Z.



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