Xiaomi review the efficiency of the technique sensor footprint in the video trailer

Recently published a video trailer on Weibo reviewed by he Shao technical sense insight that you provide in next versions perform faster, with the cover in a larger scale.

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Forming technology sensor footprint the future of a lot of the next versions of smartphones, so it works phone manufacturers on the development of efficient technique to assess the performance of the faster users, and Shawty is one of the companies that has already begun in the development of technology.

Unlike the technique of sensor footprint on the screen FoD currently offering in smart phones, which come to perform slow somewhat, as they require the installation of a finger in a specific area in the screen to the fingerprint detection Lin Bin of Shao on the company’s account in Weibo on the technology developed from the company, which require a click for a few seconds on the screen to read the fingerprint.

Also come new technology of Shawty with the sensor footprint in a larger scale of up to half the screen almost, except that the efficiency of protection in this technique is not emphasized so far, so we expect the launch of one of the versions of Shawty the new technique let’s look at the efficiency of the new technique are explained.


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