Xiaomi registered a patent for a smartphone with mirrored pieces at the top !

Xiaomi Mi9 Special Edition

Prepare cuttings of the more aesthetic features that have been talked about over the past two years which many manufacturers began to adopt it in its smart phones since the company Essential that with the phone Essential PH-1. Whether you like it or not, we guarantee you that the design of the Xiaomi embodied in the patent, a new invention has been recording recently would make you feel so.

Appeared graphics to design a new smartphone in a patent has been submitted recently by the company Xiaomi, shows the patent of these many women for a smartphone equipped with skips literally the top edge of the phone.

Show these fees in the mostly dual camera in pieces inverted. There is also a headset appropriate phone calls. The backend of this widget is empty, we consider it as a missed opportunity to develop the company’s brand or flash a special LED rear camera. If the company wants to take full advantage of this design, you should put something on both sides.


However, we do not believe in the end that Xiaomi company will achieve great success with such a design. However, this is still just a patent, this means that there is what confirms that the company Xiaomi will implement this design on a smart phone effectively. At the present time, it seems ZTE phone provider with a two-level screen is more attractive than this design which was registered by the company Xiaomi has been the invention of the.


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