Xiaomi Redmi presented 6 Pro — 5 Plus hybrid Redmi and Redmi Note 5

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro supposed to submit tomorrow, but on the official site it appeared today.

The model is very strange, if we consider it as a direct replacement for Redmi 5 Plus. For convenience, I have gathered the parameters of these models in a comparative table so you can see for yourself.

That is, the smartphones are almost identical. Novelty design 5 Redmi Note, Redmi Note camera 5 and the smaller screen… monopoly. And it is all the difference. Even the prices are almost identical.

See, the Redmi 6 Pro is worth 155 dollars for the 3/32 GB version, $ 185 for 4/32 GB and $ 200 for 4/64 GB. While Redmi 5 Plus costs 155 dollars for 3/32 GB and $ 185 for 4/64 GB.

I don’t really understand what is this update and why it is needed. One would assume that Redmi 6 Pro will be sold in other markets, but while this rumor is not. In General, a strange move by Xiaomi.

Yes, by color. The novelty will be sold in black, gold, blue, pink and red.

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