Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro again, twenty-five

Xiaomi Redmi with 6 Pro introduced the Mi Pad 4 on Snapdragon 660 for 11 thousand rubles. And questions related to the Mi Pad 4 no absolutely, that’s the best you could come up with in the category of “tablets”. However, what is Redmi 6 Pro? Technically it is worse than Redmi Note 5, as it uses the Snapdragon 625.

Of course, this is a very balanced CPU, but it was presented in February 2016 and is simply out of date, besides, technically he’s pretty weak. At the price for the device is slightly cheaper than the Mi Pad 4 (about 10 thousand), and this despite the fact that the 660 is significantly more powerful Snapdragon Snapdragon 625. I assumed that 6 Pro will feature at least a Snapdragon processor 636, and 6 Redmi will receive 425-yy. Besides, for the price of Redmi Note 5 on the 636 is the same as 6 Pro.

But after 5 Redmi Note Xiaomi has decided to change its policy, betting on a strong economy. 6 simply worse Redmi Redmi 5 iron, and 6 Pro Redmi technically worse Redmi Note 5. And it’s sad. It is worth remembering a Golden time, when Redmi Note Pro 3 is equipped with a Snapdragon processor 650, which is even now ahead of performance, the Snapdragon 625. Note 3 Pro introduced in 2016, and at that time it cost about 8 thousand roubles.

Other features of Redmi 6 Pro unremarkable: 3/4 GB of RAM, 32/64 GB ROM 5.8 inch FHD display, dual camera (12 + 5MP), battery 4000 mAh and unlocking in the face.

I sincerely believe that the company will manage to exit the crisis, because he clearly seen. Xiaomi always loved not for design, and powerful hardware.

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