Xiaomi phone Mi9 hold up in Tests of the cross, but the sapphire glass in the camera is disappointing

Xiaomi Mi9

If you are eagerly waiting to say Acer the famous Zack Nelson of channel JerryRigEverything submit a new phone testing cross, you won’t need to wait for a longer time because it has today published a new video in which he says by suppressing the Xiaomi phone Mi9 latest from Xiaomi company tests the hardness of the usual, including a test of scratching and the tuck.

You can watch this video below to see how will be the performance of the Xiaomi phone Mi9 latest from Xiaomi company in the tests of the cross mentioned above, and whether the amounts to be within the high-end smartphone is the most solid on the market today or not.

When the company announced the Xiaomi about Xiaomi phone Mi9 late last month reported to us that they used sapphire glass to protect camera lenses to the existing three in the back, but tests conducted by Zack Nelson showed that this layer glass-serve in the seventh level of the scale of Mohs, this seems very strange given that the sapphire glass does not serve until the ninth level of the scale of Mohs because it is more resistant to scratches.

While could be the Xiaomi company has used sapphire glass to protect camera lenses the background of the tripartite in the Xiaomi phone Mi9, it seems they used the most likely kind of lousy, at least when it comes to resistance to scratches, that is the bottom line when talking about cameras. However, the quality of the phone is still good, but the Apple TV used to turn material similar launches also have the name ” Sapphire ” although they don’t have more important attribute that distinguishes them from the glass.

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