Xiaomi phone Mi9 appears in set of leaked images of the realism, such as the official announcement

Xiaomi Mi9 -

Earlier today, Samsung announced that it will release its phone its upcoming flagship which is supposed to protect the name of the Xiaomi Mi9 in day 20 of February, this means after almost a week from now, but this phone actually appears in set of leaked images of realism, which emphasizes to us again the coming of it with three cameras in the back with the colored ring around the camera core in the backend.

These images are revealed to us as well that the phone Xiaomi Mi9 will screen with with a small in the top middle section for the front camera, this means that this phone will not ensure recognition technology three-dimensional on the face on the reverse phone Xiaomi Mi8 Pro the current, but will be offset sensor fingerprint built-in screen.

Returning to the leaks and rumors of the former, it was speculated that the Xiaomi phone Mi9 will have three cameras at the back, but maybe it’s not the camera Triple you’d expect, it was speculated that this phone will sensor key accurately 48 megapixels, along with sensor, high accurately 12 megapixels camera, 3D ToF sister three-dimensional.

Regardless of the cameras, it was speculated further that the Xiaomi phone Mi9 will have AMOLED screen size of 6.4 inch and accurately +Full HD with a little cut in the middle part of the upper on the form of a drop of water contains front camera which will remain the accuracy of 24 megapixels. In fact, the front end of the phone Xiaomi Mi9 will be largely similar to the one phone OnePlus 6T.

As we expected already, the phone Xiaomi Mi9 new will come to you with the processor Snapdragon 855 the latest from Qualcomm, and with the season Qualcomm X24 LTE. For the basic version of the phone Xiaomi Mi9, they are coming with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory note that this particular women will be 2999 Yuan Chinese equivalent of 436 USD.

When it comes to Sensor fingerprint, it will be included in the screen like many smart phones available in the market today with the knowledge that the Xiaomi phone Mi9 will come well in advance with the MIUI ROM 10, which is based on Android 9 Pie, and a battery with a capacity of 3500mAh will support fast charging technology at the speed of 32 Watts, but there will be support for wireless charging, unfortunately. It is estimated that the dimensions of the phone will sell 155 × 75 × 7.6 mm. Must be this phone available for purchase in the month of March next.

Needless to say, information relating to the specifications of Xiaomi phone Mi9 informal, so it is best to deal with the least amount of protection, especially if we know that there is currently no way to make sure your health. However, it’s the specifications that were listed above seem logical and suitable for intelligent classy like Xiaomi Mi9, but we have to wait a few days before to make sure everything.


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