Xiaomi open 500 stores once recorded a world record


The company Xiaomi to open first store in India in 2017. The company continued the expansion of chain stores it bit by bit, but the last batch was very large. In fact, I’ve declared a branch Company of Xiaomi in India, today announced the opening of 500 stores at once, and this is what empowered the company to achieve a new world record.

This has already happened on the 29th day of October, but the company needed to lose everything from before the committee on indices of global well-known acronym in the name of the GWR before the official announcement of the achievement. In a tweet on the Twitter network, the victim is a branch Company of Xiaomi in India that this is part of the ” new trade ” company in India which aims to provide ” the experience of museums, the main ” customers in rural areas.

And the Chinese company’s bigger goals for the year 2019, and to open 5000 new store, employing more than 15,000 people throughout the country. Of course, this new achievement gives a picture perfect performance of the Chinese company in India, it turns out lately, only to the company’s financial performance in the third quarter of this year exceeded the expectations of analysts note that it became also says the smartphone market in India.

This may be up 500 the new way to reach the villagers in India, a strategy that very stylish for the company to enhance the opportunity to reach more customers in the market the most successful for the company.

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