Xiaomi officially confirmed the coming of Xiaomi phone Mi9 with the processor Snapdragon 855


Will be a formal unveiling of the Xiaomi phone Mi9 next Wednesday, corresponding to February 20, which means that you will need face-to-face with the Galaxy S10 coming on the same day of the Samsung. In order to enhance the hype surrounding the phone Xiaomi Mi9, the executives in the company Xiaomi published the details related to this phone gradually.

The latest information revealed by Xiaomi company on the phone its next flagship Xiaomi Mi9 is that it will have a processor Snapdragon 855 the latest from Qualcomm. This is the result of close cooperation between my company Xiaomi and Qualcomm, thanks to the R & D center of the company in the United States of America, as says the deputy chairman of the Xiaomi company, Mr. Xiang Wang.

Processor Snapdragon 855 new Qualcomm processor featuring eight cores in total, divided into the following combination : 1+3+4 knowing that the processor Snapdragon 855 new promises to provide better performance by 45 percent compared with the processor Snapdragon 845 current, the performance is better in terms of graphics by 20 percent. Moreover, this new processor from Qualcomm is nearly three times faster when it comes to your artificial intelligence, as it supports WiFi 6 the ability to record videos +4K HDR10 at a rate of 60 frames per second.

The preliminary results of the platform performance tests Geekbench supports the allegations that the Xiaomi phone Mi9 will be faster than the phone Xiaomi Mi8 current. If we look to the result which the company said Xiaomi phone Xiaomi Mi9 achieved on the platform of AnTuTu, it means that the new flagship phone Xiaomi company will perform better by more than 45 percent. Generally, we’ll check everything when will Xiaomi company to remove the curtain and officially announced the phone on Wednesday next.


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