Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 imagine a referendum of public

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 يتصدر استفتاءات الجمهور

It seems that the phone Xiamoi Mi Mix 3 had the satisfaction of most of the audience, the manual is issued phone talk issued by the company Shao Chinese, polls cross-platform social media pages and websites, so what the secret to distinguish this phone?

Xiaomi Mix imagined

Believe phone talk Shawty, Xiaomi Mix 3, some of the polls conducted across the world wide web lately, where the highlight among them the referendum ecstatic via the website GSMArena, which revealed access to the phone for more than 87% of positive comments in the last week, to announce that miss the phone through the sales of the second half of 2018.

Came recent figures for Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, to be a series of successes achieved by the company, Shao my Chinese, which has not completed its tenth year so far in the world markets, but it managed nonetheless to sell more than 100 million smartphone during the last year.

The views of the public

The majority of the audience who praised the phone Shao modern, on the different design will deliciously appeal to him, in the absence of the high price of about a reasonable limit, as well as some praised it to the charger of your phone, in take the comments of some of the tips series, which upset some of the collectors of the phone although paying tribute to her in general.

Commented some on the battery space which does not exceed الـ3200mAH, where they described that space that they don’t fit at all with a phone of this size, with reference to the edges of the smart device that was supposed to be thinner, according to their view, also alluded a lot to their desire to see more of the customer service centers of the company the Chinese in the near future.

It is worth mentioning that the company’s home phone talk, company, Shaw, to have been founded in 2010, launched its sales in the following year with the release of its first products from phones, to meet then welcome tremendous amount of customers in different countries of the world, in spite of assurances by some that the East Asian Modern always learn the tradition of the company Apple, making some call to Shaw apple of China, both from the door of praise or criticism.

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