Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smartwatch 3 — the baby is not very smart watch with a huge AMOLED screen

Children’s smart watch? In General, the term is often incorrect, as under these often involve children GPS trackers in the form of hours.

And these trackers are needed in the first place to track the child’s location. They should be simple, Autonomous, well protected and with a minimum of unnecessary features. So Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smartwatch 3 — do not mean it. To call them intelligent is still impossible, but like a GPS tracker there are a lot of things. For example, a huge AMOLED screen diagonal 1.41 inch resolution 320 x 360 pixel. This is more than many adults smart watches!

Reason, there is also a slot for memory card and LTE support. You can also note the camera on 2MP, support GPS and BeiDou and different functions for children. Costs new almost $ 90. In General, for me, is for older children who still a pity to purchase a full smart watch for $ 150-300 (or they do not need them), and wear huge often very dumb kids GPS trackers they no longer want.

And how do you new? There’s the parents who bought a GPS tracker to your child?

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